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"This is a recommendation for Deborah Montejano, who I know both professionally and personally. She was an educator to both of my children who are now 8 and 5 years old. I first met Deborah in 2007 when she worked for a Montessori pre-school and was the lead educator of the classroom my older daughter was in. Then she became a home school teacher for my younger daughter. She is a fully Montessori certified teacher that demonstrated her understanding of the Montessori Philosophy through her innovative teaching skills. She was able to expand the curriculum beyond that of the standards required for Preschool. When my older daughter entered kindergarten she was reading at 1st – early 2nd grade level and was able to add and subtract numbers. She also experienced many science and art topics including the solar system, living and non-living things, mammals, reptiles, and abstract art. When her school tested her Math and Language Arts knowledge through the NJPASS, my daughter scored Advanced Proficient on both subjects. My younger daughter was also taught by Deborah. She is now in Kindergarten and has experienced many of the same successes that my older daughter has. She has adjusted well to kindergarten and has also a higher reading and math level then other students.


I can honestly say that she is one of the main contributors to my children’s’ success in school to date. She is a nurturing and caring teacher that puts her students’ as a priority. Her ability to be flexible and reliable is one of her greatest qualities. She is able to determine a child’s ability and create appropriate lessons for that child to succeed. I have personally experienced her expertise in my children and would recommend her as a teacher to any child."


"I highly recommend Ms. Deborah Montejano as a Montessori teacher. I have known Ms. Montejano for over two years while she was my son’s Montessori head teacher.  My son has a diagnosis of severe ADHD and ODD, and Ms. Montejano went beyond any of my expectations to integrate my son into her Montessori classroom.  She was kind, patient, and very loving towards my son.  She was always open to suggestions and always willing to consider new interventions that will increase my son’s academic and behavioral achievement. 


Ms. Montejano has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, and reliable.   She shows genuine concern for her students.  She knows each of them very well and determines how to help them progress to the next level of achievement.  She meets each child at their optimum level of learning.


I recommend Ms. Montejano to you without reservation.  She has the experience and knowledge to be an asset to any program for which she is qualified."


"I would definitely recommend Mrs. Deborah Montejano from Montessori Children's School.  I met Mrs. Montejano about seven years ago as she was a Montessori preschool teacher for my older daughter.  After that she taught my younger daughter who is now in kindergarten. Mrs. Montejano is a teacher who encourages learning as a positive experience and creates a wonderful classroom environment.  What amazed me the most is the atmosphere in her classroom.  It is very quiet and peaceful that helps kids to concentrate on their lessons.  I thank her for teaching my children Math, Language Arts, Science and Music.  The foundation she has laid for my children will be beneficial for their entire lives.  I especially enjoyed the photos she sent to us showing my children working on lessons in the classroom. These photos will be a lifetime memory for our family. I am so proud of my younger daughter, who is in Kindergarten this year.  Her reading level is way above average. When she started with Mrs. Montejano, my daughter only spoke a few words in English.  I am truly thankful to have had Mrs. Montejano as a teacher for my children.  I appreciate her hard work and dedication she put towards my children's education."


"Since enrolling our daughter at Montessori Children’s School, we have witnessed our daughter’s self-esteem flourish as she is motivated to learn and explore at her own pace. She has developed productive and independent learning skills and has learned to work collaboratively with her classmates. The hands-on learning environment no curriculum is integral to building life and learning skills. She has learned to read and develop her math and problem solving skills at an advanced level. We believe that Montessori Children’s School and it’s staff have laid a strong foundation for her future. Highly recommend!"


"My now 5 year old has been at Montessori Children’s School for almost three years. He has grown to be a confident, caring, thoughtful and hardworking as a result of the nurturing learning environment Miss Deborah and her staff have provided him. His love for learning is truly endearing and we’re so impressed and proud of everything he continues to learn at school. My three year old has been going here for almost a year and she’s doing so well and absolutely loves it. The Montessori tools that the teachers use are amazing. I highly recommend this school for any parents looking for a caring, safe, friendly environment that creates a love for learning while simultaneously teaching them self confidence, discipline as well as peer interaction."


"Both of my daughters have attended Montessori Children’s School (MCS) and I am very pleased with the progress both have made. Ms. Deborah and her staff are truly amazing and provide a nurturing environment. They are dedicated and provide personalized instruction for each student.

My oldest has been going to MCS since she 3 years old, and also attended their full-day Kindergarten program last year. When she started 1st grade in public school, she was very advanced and has had no issues even with the virtual learning this year. MCS has prepared her very well, not only in English in Math, but in other subjects as well. I am always amazed at how much she has learned – from sign language and Spanish to geography and science. Most importantly, she loves going to school and has grown so much over the past few years.
We have also built good relationships with other parents and the children have formed friendships that will last even after they graduate from this school.

When my younger daughter turned 2.5 years old, there was no question in my mind about which school to send her to. We are so fortunate to have found Montessori Children’s School and Ms. Deborah! I *highly* recommend this school."


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