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"When I was ready to look for a preschool for my daughter, Ryan.. we had found a small school in Colorado where we were living.. only about 2 months into settling on a place we made an abrupt move to New Jersey. 
I wanted to find a school right away, to keep Ryan in the rhythm because it was so new for her still at just 2.5 years old. 
A few Montessori google searches led me to Montessori Children’s School with Mrs. Deborah. 

Ryan has a larger than life personality, she’s a smart kid and can be very sensitive to certain stimuli and people. I was wanting a school that would challenge her mentally and grow with her personally. A school where she would thrive and feel comfortable. 
I love the Montessori teaching model, but for us other Montessori schools didn’t feel right. When I found Deborah and her school, it had the perfect blend of the Montessori teaching model - meeting each kids individual needs and following the child’s lead, while also having a more personal feel. I immediately felt comfortable both talking with her and sending Ryan to school there. 

Deborah is amazing with the kids and parents. I fully trust her with my daughter on a day to day basis. She contacts me directly about anything important, but also just fun cute things that happen during the day. 
Ryan has serious food allergies, Deborah handles her allergies with so much caution and care, I truly never worry. To be able to say that as a parent of a kiddo with anaphylactic allergies is a really big deal. 

Ryan is now 3 years old, she can mostly identify every letter in the alphabet along with the sounds associated with them. She can spell her name, she can count almost up to 20. She talks in paragraphs let alone full sentences, her social skills have grown and matured so much. Her coloring is very controlled and more in the lines. She loves going to school every day. She has built relationships with both her teachers and other students at school… so many adorable little bonds. I haven’t one time questioned my decision to send her to Montessori Children’s School with Deborah and her staff.  

Ryan has had a lot going on in her little life as things haven’t always been easy. I am so grateful that we found a steady, consistent, loving school, where she can further build her self development with people outside of home who genuinely care about her well being and make her feel loved."

"After two years of keeping my son home because of the pandemic, we had to make the tough decision of sending him back to school. There were so many important things I wanted to find in one school - a place to nurture my son’s curiosity, his passion for learning, and his long-term growth. I also wanted him to be happy and taken care of the way any parent would want their child to be when not around. 

For the reasons mentioned, MCS has gone above and beyond to surpass my hopes in an institution. I’m so happy I made the right decision in choosing this school. 

After one tour with Ms. Deborah, we quickly learned that someone can’t pretend to be a kind soul. Deborah and her staff are truly special and my son is excited EVERY DAY to go to school!”


“It’s really hard to put into words how incredibly happy we have been with our experience at Montessori Children’s School. Our son learned and grew so much in his time there and we are so thankful that we could be a part of this school. 

Mrs. Deborah is extremely dedicated to each child’s growth and always keeps the parents informed of their child’s progress. She is always available and engaged in our child’s development (academic, emotional and social). 

Our son is eager to go to school every day! We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. Montessori Children’s School exceeds every expectation and we are forever grateful!”

"As first time parents to Azmir (our eldest of three) we stumbled upon Montessori Children's School. We loved the school as soon as we walked. We did not know much about the Montessori curriculum at the time. After talking to Ms Deborah, who explained the Montessori principles and showed us the way lessons are planned, we were very interested to try this methodology. Over the next two years Ms. Deborah and her staff enabled Azmir to overcome his shyness, develop a love for learning and most importantly love all his teachers and friends he made along the way. We are so grateful to all the materials that this curriculum uses to tap into a child's imagination and untapped ability. My daughter started at MCS as well and is currently enrolled in the PreK program. She's reading and writing at a little over 4 years old and absolutely loves it. She looks forward to school every single day and takes great pride in all her social and academic achievements.


We are so blessed to have found this gem of a school for both our kids. It's also great from a cost perspective, and has the best, most caring teachers that work with each child's individual capabilities and do not resort "to one model for all" philosophy."

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