Parent Testimonials

I would definitely recommend Mrs. Deborah Montejano from Montessori Children's School.  I met Mrs. Montejano about seven years ago as she was a Montessori preschool teacher for my older daughter.  After that she taught my younger daughter who is now in kindergarten. Mrs. Montejano is a teacher who encourages learning as a positive experience and creates a wonderful classroom environment.  What amazed me the most is the atmosphere in her classroom.  It is very quiet and peaceful that helps kids to concentrate on their lessons.  I thank her for teaching my children Math, Language Arts, Science and Music.  The foundation she has laid for my children will be beneficial for their entire lives.  I especially enjoyed the photos she sent to us showing my children working on lessons in the classroom. These photos will be a lifetime memory for our family. I am so proud of my younger daughter, who is in Kindergarten this year.  Her reading level is way above average. When she started with Mrs. Montejano, my daughter only spoke a few words in English.  I am truly thankful to have had Mrs. Montejano as a teacher for my children.  I appreciate her hard work and dedication she put towards my children's education.


Zhanna Velikanova